Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken Casserole

I posted this in Sherri's comment section a couple of days ago. I think this is the recipe Annie is asking for on Sherri's comment site today.

Chicken Casserole
Four boneless skinless chickenbreasts
1 cup of instant rice
1 cup of water (I usually skip the water because the gravy comes out thin and soupy, but I think some people like it that way. Just not me)
1can of cream of mushroom soup
1 cup of beans, drained
Paprika to taste

Spray crockpot with cooking spray. Mix water with cream of mushroom soup if you are using the water. Mix in at least one tablespoon of paprika (more is better, but some people like living a paprika deprived life) Mix in rice, and beans. Place chicken breasts on top of mixture. Salt, pepper, and paprika to taste. Cover the crockpot. Cook it on low for at least 8 hours.


  1. Good stuff Helen. I making this Sunday.

    Thank you.

  2. Okay, Helen. Not to rag on you (again). But there's like 5,000 different kind of beans.

    kidney beans? green beans? mexican jumping beans? What kind of beans?!?

  3. This is so totally it Helen! By the way, do you make that Hungarian thing my Grandma Sabo did... Kavach, Ke..., It has a thin crust with walnuts. My parents were down in LA visiting ye' ol Hungarian family and one of the cousins made it. Know what I'm talking about? Can you post a recipe if you do? (I'd rather it come from a true Hungarian than a 'Google' one...)

    And ignore Katdish. She was being snarky on my site earlier. Just tell her to stick a fork in it.

    wv: extedgen

    What women of Generation X have too much of so they take Prozac.

  4. No, seriously! What kind of beans?!? I'm not being snarky! You know I'm recipe challenged.

    BTW - I put that taco/chicken crockpot stuff in the refrig and the next day I added a bag of frozen veggies, some chicken broth, Tony Chachere's (because short of coffe and ice cream - I put that stuff on everything), and low carb penne pasta and made a soup. It got rave reviews from my kids and Jeff and Tamara. So thank you. I may just figure out this cooking thing after all!

  5. Katdish, I'm making this today and going to throw in some black beans(my fav!) and green chiles. (Any recipe I can 'Mexicanize' works well with my family!).

  6. Katdish-Green beans. Cut green beans. Just drain a can of cut green beans and pour it in. (You drain them by opening the can partially, keeping the lid partly on it then pouring liquid that is in the can into the sink. Then you finish opening the can and pour the beans that are in it into the crock pot)
    Annie- I'm sorry, no, we weren't bakers (though I have used my Polish grandmother's Kolachy recipe--don't be too impressed. She got it from the label of a can of Solo).