Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hint #1 Paprika is Good

A friend mentioned to me that she thought paprika had no taste. That is because she is buying the wrong paprika. Sweet paprika should taste slightly sweet. It is made from dried red pepper flakes. Lots of people use it to mainly add color to their food, but it also adds flavor. I use Hungarian Paprika that was actually packaged in Hungary. I do not recommend the brands we are familiar with (rhymes with tawrys and tuhcormick). I get no residuals from the sale of actual Hungarian paprika. My dad used to say that a good Hungarian puts paprika in his coffee. He then added that he was not a good Hungarian. Still,you can put it in lots of things. Go ahead. Get creative (but not with the French Toast, Katdish)


  1. I'm fairly mom always brings home the read-deal paprika when they go to Turkey or any other country that has the good stuff. Speaking of which, I'm almost out. Looks like it's time for them to take another trip.

    And yes, the GOOD paprika does add flavor and therefore one should most defintily splurge on that! (..yeah...not on the french toast, but yes to adding it to the fried potatoes that go with the french toast. YUM!)

    wv: apinegar

    What we Oregonians call vinegar taken from the pine trees.